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QB controversy? LOL the media will grasp at any straw they can. WOW.

Brady 4-of-14 on passes 5+ yards down the field.

But, you know, when you make Dobson and Thompkins inactive, limiting you to two slot receivers and Brandon LaFell, that’s going to happen.

The decision making by the coaching staff so far this season is ridiculously frustrating and they are wasting the talent on this roster. This is a talented as hell team and the coaching staff somehow has no idea how to operate it.

I mean seriously, why the HELL are both Thompkins and Dobson inactive? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

I know this team is better than that. This team is way too talented to lose to the Chiefs 41-14. I think coaching is a huge problem and changes need to be made. Belichick needs to re-evaluate his staff. McDaniels and Patricia are not the men for the job.

I didn’t watch a single down of that game. Was working the entire time. I only caught one glimpse of the game through the breakroom door window, which was Brady grabbing his helmet in despair in the 2nd quarter or so.

My dad, who has been a Patriots fan since day one in 1960 when the team first assembled, said that was one of the worst performances he’s ever seen the Patriots play, ever.

I’ll probably watch the game on Game Rewind on Thursday. I want to see for myself just how bad this team is. 

Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels are on the hot seat. It’s flaming. The return of Charlie Weiss should be imminent and I don’t think it’s a question. I think one of the biggest concerns is the coaching. It needs to be better.

This isn’t a super bowl caliber team. This doesn’t even look like a playoff team. They look pretty mediocre to me. Hard to give up hope on the Patriots like that, so I’m not giving up hope and I still think they can turn it around, but right now they look REAL bad.

I think internally, this is the best possible lineup.

New offensive line tonight. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer. Connolly moves to the left, Stork and Fleming look to make their first career starts. Both rookie draft picks.

Tomorrow is a big night for the Patriots. Big night to step up and step forward. Need to re-establish Patriots football before facing the big time 3-0 Bengals defense next week on SNF.

1-3, 2-2 to start my Fantasy leagues…ugh.